Last updated on 28/01/2021
Here at Luxe England, we respect the privacy of our consumers. Furthermore, we consider that simply complying with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) is not enough, as we want our website users to understand exactly what data is processed, how and why. Thus, we’re trying to keep things short and simple. We hope 5 minute read can answer any questions you way have. 

1. Personal Data
1.1 Personal Data (PD) is generated every time the user interacts with  a website.
1.2 We do not generate or store any personal data when interacting with

2. Cookies
2.1 Cookies are small text files created by our website to ‘maintain the state’ of your session.
2.2 We do not use any cookies. 
Luxe England values your privacy and the security of your data. We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act and any other relevant legislation.
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